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Through Evaco Services, the group is engaged in commercial and business services that operate within diverse sectors of activities including manufacturing, logistic & procurement services and corporate & legal services. Its vision is to develop competitive solutions that continue to lead the way to a sustainable future for our subsidiaries, consumers and society at large. The portfolio of companies includes Stantons Ltd, Mereo, Linea, and FineLine Contracting Ltd.    

Stantons Ltd is led by a team of professional staff who can guide you with the following:

  • The application process for your residency permits (investor, professional and retirement)
  • Coordination of the opening of bank accounts
  • Incorporation of your local company, supply of necessary company secretarial and corporate services
  • Access to an online platform for your business needs, enabling you to efficiently generate agreements and other business documentation
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Mereo Ltd. brings together under one roof procurement and logistics services, managing challenges of the international trade. Within the purchasing department, the team endeavours to meet the client's budgetary and qualitative requirements by identifying the best service providers around the world. Mereo Ltd services also include the tracking of orders until delivery, the dealing for the transit, customs clearance and storage services in their warehouse. The objective is the optimisation of the purchasing process, which involves the coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders.

Established in Mauritius, Linea Interior Design curates the lifestyle of its niche customers. Linea is led by a dynamic and professional team of interior designers who are here to help customers create their perfect interiors. Each interior should reflect state-of-the-art innovative designs and superior-quality finishing. Whether it is for renovation, decoration, or layout, each project is closely monitored from its conception to the stage of completion.

FineLine Contracting combines cutting-edge technology with the group’s experience in manufacturing to create breath-taking interiors crafted to the highest quality standards. Our experts in planning and production, with in-depth knowledge of materials deliver unprecedented precision; limitless creative possibilities and outstanding efficiency levels.

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