Upoznajte naš menadžerski tim - svaki od njih donosi sve svoje znanje i stručnost u svoj sektor.

Evaco Corporate
  • Arnaud Mayer
    Chairman & Founder
  • Alexandre Gourel de St Pern
    Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Angus
    Group Marketing & Sales Director
  • Antoinette Perrine
    Group Financial Controller
  • Fabrice Lincoln
    Group Head of Legal
  • Norbert Couvreur
    Executive Director
  • Lauriane Pallany
    Group Head of Human Resources
  • Bianka Bhugon
    Head of Internal Audit
  • Warren Cheung
    Corporate Finance Controller
  • Jonathan Valentin
    Head of IT
La Plage
  • Naden Mootoo
    Restaurant Manager
  • Kamlesh Koonjee
    Executive Chef

Leisure and Hospitality

Evaco Property
  • Aude Leclerc
    Head of Sales
    Anna Swiecka
    Head of International Sales
    Yoven Chinasamban
    Marketing Project Manager
    Kevin Dahari
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Sharon Lapierre Keblé
    Client Support Manager
    Ovani Umanee
    Communication Manager
    Shashi Keenoo
    Project Manager
    Didier Coothoopermal
    Project Manager


Fine & Country
  • Bénédicte Duvivier
    Branch Manager
    Jonathan Ami
    Short Term Rental Manager
Histia Services
  • Thomas Boisset
    Head of Operations
  • Nitin Veerasawmy
    Operations Manager
  • Josian Fabre
    Maintenance Manager
  • Yannick Apoolingum
    Finance Executive
  • Fabrice Lincoln
    Managing Director
  • Rajeshwar Mancoo
    Operations Manager Cum Company Secretary
  • Catherine Lemiere-Zuffour
    Business Development Manager


  • Xavier de la Tour de Chalain
    General Manager
  • Elodie Deschamps
    Finance Master Data Analysis Executive
  • Vikash Ramkhelawon
    Lead Logistics Officer
  • Nicolas Fra
    Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Fine and Country
  • Olivia Bathfield
    Branch Manager
  • Juan-Pierre de Villiers
    General Manager
  • Sooryaprakash (Rickesh) Nunkoo
    Senior Operations and Contracts Manager
  • Yashwant Tohooloo
    Operations and Contracts Manager
  • Irfan Nuckchady
    Head of Project Cost Control
  • Jordan Hoffmann
    Head of Finance
  • Virginia Paul
    Admin Support Manager
  • Thierry Vallet
    Site Manager
  • Nedisth Ramlochun
    Site Manager
  • Pamben Moonsamy
    Site Manager
  • Jayan Jagooah
    Site Manager (Project)
  • Jimmy Jean Jacques
    HR Manager
  • Rowan Freese
    Maintenance & Defects Resolution Manager
  • Girish Rajnathsing
    Defects Liability Manager

Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing & Design

FineLine Contracting
  • Girish Jagarnath
    General Manager
  • Kajal Digumber
    Finance & Administrative Executive
  • Eoin Condon
    Floor Manager (Wood)
  • Hans Neeliah
    Floor Manager (Alu)
  • Jay Luchoomun
    Project Manager
  • Ludovic Ulcoq
    Sales and Site Operations Executive
  • Nicolas Espitalier-Noël
    General Manager
  • Alexandre Roubaud
    Head of Artistic Design
  • André Ruytenberg
    Senior Quantity Surveyor
  • Matthew Collier
    MEP Engineer
  • Michael Wood
    Landscape Architect
Evolution Architect
  • Alexandre Roubaud
    Head of Architecture