L’Équipe de direction

L’Équipe de direction

Rencontrez notre équipe de direction composée de professionnels qui excellent dans leurs domaines respectifs.

Evaco Corporate
  • Arnaud Mayer
    Chairman & Founder
  • Alexandre Gourel de St Pern
    Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Angus
    Group Marketing & Sales Director
  • Antoinette Perrine
    Group Financial Controller
  • Fabrice Lincoln
    Group Head of Legal
  • Norbert Couvreur
    Executive Director
  • Lauriane Pallany
    Group Head of Human Resources
  • Bianka Bhugon
    Head of Internal Audit
  • Warren Cheung
    Corporate Finance Controller
  • Jonathan Valentin
    ICT Manager
Intense Experience
  • Jonathan Ami
    Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Julie Mayer
    Operations Manager

Leisure and Hospitality

La Plage
  • Naden Mootoo
    Restaurant Manager

Evaco Property
  • Aude Leclerc
    Head of Sales
    Anna Swiecka
    Sales Manager
    Yoven Chinasamban
    Marketing Project Manager
    Kevin Dahari
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Sharon Lapierre Keblé
    Client Support Manager
    Ovani Umanee
    Communication Manager


Fine & Country
  • Benedicte Duvivier
    Branch Manager
Histia Services
  • André Nairac
    General Manager
  • Nitin Veerasawmy
    Operations Manager
  • Devraj Cowlessur
    Maintenance Manager
  • Fabrice Lincoln
    Managing Director
  • Rajeshwar Mancoo
    Operations Manager Cum Company Secretary


  • Xavier de la Tour de Chalain
    General Manager
  • Tatiana Toulet
    Deco Pack Manager
  • Elodie Deschamps
    Finance Master Data Analysis Executive
  • Vikash Ramkhelawon
    Lead Logistics Officer
Fine and Country
  • Olivia Bathfield
    Branch Manager
  • Juan-Pierre de Villiers
    General Manager
  • Gontran Mamet
    Head of Construction
  • Thierry Vallet
    Finishing Manager
  • Sooryaprakash (Rickesh) Nunkoo
    Senior Operations and Contracts Manager
  • Yashwant Tohooloo
    Operations and Contracts Manager
  • Jayan Jagooah
    Site Manager (Project)
  • Pamben Moonsamy
    Site Manager
  • Irfan Nuckchady
    Senior Cost Manager
  • Jimmy Jean Jacques
    HR Manager
  • Rowan Freese
    Maintenance & Defects Resolution Manager
  • Saravenen Ramsamy
    MEP Manager
  • Jordan Hoffmann
    Financial Controller

Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing & Design

FineLine Contracting
  • Julien de Senneville
    General Manager
  • Kajal Digumber
    Finance & Administrative Executive
  • Sudhir Ramdenee
    Project Manager
  • Eoin Condon
    Floor Manager (Wood)
  • Hans Neeliah
    Floor Manager (Alu)
  • Ludovic Ulcoq
    Sales and Site Operations Executive
  • Nicolas Espitalier-Noël
    General Manager
  • André Ruytenberg
    Senior Quantity Surveyor
  • Alexandre Roubaud
    Head of Artistic Design
  • Shashi Keenoo
    Project Manager