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Since 2001, Evaco developed and expanded considerably over the years. Today the group stands as the leading luxury property developer in Mauritius. 300 employees perpetuate the will of excellence of the founder, Arnaud Mayer actual CEO of Evaco Group.

The Evaco Group’s head office is now located at Arsenal. Conceptualised and built by Evaco Construction, the new offices have a modern architecture that completely integrate into its environment.

In a constant research of innovation and progress in quality, Evaco has specialized in the development of RES luxurious property complexes in Grand Bay, a region with strong growth guaranteeing highly profitable property investment.

The Oasis villas have been recognized as a pioneer realisation in Mauritius and today remains a benchmark on the real estate market. These 51 luxury villas built in a beautiful and secure environment is an architectural success. Athena was the next project developed by the group. This project consist of 37 contemporary and modern villas within a secured environment.

The Domaine des Alizées Club & Spa recently opened in February 2013. Unique concept in Grand Baie, the Domaine des Alizées consists of high standard apartments within a hotel type residence.

The latest RES development of Evaco Property, le Clos du Littoral is currently under construction at Grand Baie. The site is progressing rapidly and the project is already a commercial success. Le Clos du Littoral combines several type of high standard villas regrouped in a fully secured environment focusing on green areas, swimming pools and private gardens.

All these innovative projects make of Evaco a solid and respected company.

Evaco wants to continue its developments beyond the Mauritian market to extend its expertise throughout the Indian Ocean. In its commitment to excellence, the group, in constant search for innovation and quality, is currently experiencing a rapid expansion.