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The RES (Real Estate Scheme) is a special system set up by the Mauritian government to facilitate the purchase of real estate to foreigners. It offers the opportunity to foreign buyers to own or to invest profitably in a villa or apartement in Mauritius. All Evaco's projects are under the RES regime. The law states that RES residence is not subject to any minimum price (unlike other special arrangements, said IRS, which is subject to a minimum sale price of $ 500,000).

The benefits of RES are numerous :

  • Acquisition Freehold
  • Permanent residence permit for any purchase greater than or equal to $ 500,000
  • Sale governed by the forward purchase agreements (sale before completion) providing a financial guarantee at the end of completion
  • Upon signing the contract before completion, the buyer becomes the owner of land and construction in progress
  • Possibility of resale in the desired foreign currency


The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is a new scheme which includes the IRS and the RES. It is intended for non-citizens, citizens and members of the Mauritian diaspora. It reflects the government's aim of introducing stricter control over real estate programs already in place. With the introduction of the PDS, the Mauritian authorities aim to promote respect for the environment and the neighbouring population. The purchase of a PDS property allows the buyer to enjoy a secure environment. Besides, a Permanent Residence Permit is granted to the buyer if the property value exceeds USD 500 000.