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Located in the heart of the Mascareignes archipelago in the Indian Ocean, only a mere 200 kilometers distance away from its sister island "Reunion Island" and close to Madagascar, Mauritius is surrounded by exceptional lagoons and coral reefs. This gem of the Indian Ocean is fascinating as much by its dynamic economy, sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise lagoons. Mauritius is an exceptional cultural mosaic and a welcoming land. It benefits from an ideal tropical climate with a mild winter season (19 à 26°C) and warm temperature during summer period (29 to 33°C). As from Morne to Coin de Mire, the island offers a unique variety of landscapes and atmospheres in a warm and vibrant ambiances, between tradition and modernity.

Some useful information about Mauritius :

  • Demographics :
    The population of the island is estimated at 1,2 millions on an area of 2040 km². The capital city is Port Louis.
  • Languages :
    The official language is English, but the majority of the Mauritian population speaks French. Creole and French are the most used languages.
  • Currency :
    The local currency is the Mauritian Rupee. There are banks in all major cities to exchange currency.
  • Visa :
    Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa for stays of less than 6 months in Mauritius.
  • Vaccines :
    No vaccinations are required for travelers from Europe to spend their holidays in Mauritius.
  • Time Zone :
    The time difference with Paris is only 2 hours in summer time and 3 hours in winter time.
  • Economy :
    Mauritius is a booming economy. Minimally affected by the global crisis, the country has been experiencing a steady growth for several years, making Mauritius a very attractive and reliable country for foreign investors. The main industries are sugar, textiles and tourism.
  • Politics :
    Being a member of the Commonwealth, Mauritius is a politically stable and safe country. Independent since 1968, Mauritius has a fully democratic parliamentary system with separation of powers and an official constant commitment to respect human rights. The Mauritian legal system is, as in France, governed by the Code Napoleon. The system and law enforcement is similar.
  • Culture :
    Mauritian culture is influenced by African, Indian and European culture. The local music, sega, is very popular and animates many "live" bars. The biggest cinema of the island has recently been built in the heart of Grand Bay, offering modern and spacious movie theater to discover the latest releases.
  • Medecine :
    Mauritius has all the modern facilities and medical technologies. The opening of private and modern hospitals has increased medical tourism on the island. Especially in the area of Grand Baie.